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RP POST: February 24, 2009

<font color="green">*Hakkai coughed again. He had been sick for a few days now and showed no signs of getting better.*

Sanzo? I'm afraid we'll have to stay at this inn for another night. *cough cough*</font>

RP: POST February 20, 2009

*Hakkai was tired of this inn and tired of being stuck in one place again.* Sanzo! Goku! *He banged on the door of room 39.* I would like to leave within the hour, if you don't mind. Jeep is all packed and ready to go. *Without waiting for an answer, Hakkai returned to room 58 and started the task of bothering Gojyo until he was awake.*

OOC:Next target....


Tomorrow the world!!!!!!!

Yeah i made us a home for us on YT so if you have any crazy/random Saiyuki vids post them THURRRRR!HURR HURR. I will go into detail much later! But hopefully now this account is up it will prolly make me want to make moar vids.If you wanna be a mod stick yer hand up and will let you in on the secret word via a note on dA.

Ukoku:More like avoiding Uni work

Nuuu i have done everything i was supposed to do this week.......well almost i have tomorrow to do the rest mitch so bleh *sticks tongue*

Ukoku:How rude

PFFFFT!*does the running man*


Just from me to you <3<3<3's all around! Love you guys, and hope to see you all in today's RP!  

RP Post: February 12, 2008


OOC: Translations

Seems like my computer is hating me for the hundreth time.........So have to use my friends computer. I've did the translations and guess I'll put them in here. I'm working on the next set might take a while but it should be up soon. Well here's the translations hope they make sence tried to make it word for word from the raw material.

Act XX1:

Page 47

Hakkai: Tenkai Ichi.... Boxing (Fighting) Tournament? In other words martial arts match
Goku: Really? Sounds fun
Gojyo: You know. The name sound so familiar.
Sanzo: The match date is today.

Page 48

Announcer: Now now! The big event is about to start. Are there any more contestants? There are regularly competing tough guys. Be stingy and get the money and luxurious prize with your own hands.
Hakkai: We’re going to sign up. What about you?
Sanzo: What a joke. What’s the purpose for it?
Goku: Hai hia!! I wanted to try it out! There’s a log of tough guys right!?
Gojyo: Stop it stop it Even if you say their strong it’s just the town’s pride power.

Page 49
Gojyo: Not a bit deal
Girl 1: Kya wonderful wonderful
Girl 2: Everyone’s so cool.
Girl 1: After all guys should be muscular.
Goku: I know! I know!
Hakkai: This town has a very strange taste.
Girl 1: Boney guys wish they could be muscular.
Girl 2: Really really. Ahahaha

Page 50

Gojyo: Don’t say boney! Look before you say anything!
Sanzo: Stop it. It’s useless you know.
Town person 1: It’s the champion
Town person 2: The champion has come!!
Announcer: With this tournament, for 2 years straight you have won. What do you think about the competition?
Champion: Heh....There isn’t anyone who can beat me. Why because I’m the strongest!!!
Gojyo:........What’s that suppose to be?
Hakkai: What a funny man.
Champion: ....?

Page 51
Champion: Lately there’s been a lot of guy fans out there. Of course with that skinny body you would look up to someone like me. Here. Try training.
Goku: Stop! Sanzo Stop!
Hakkai: Don’t Sanzo!
Gojyo: Calm down!! I know how you feel

Page 52

Sanzo: We still have time to enter.
Goku: That means.....
Sanzo: We’ll show that muscular man that the world is huge.
Goku and Gojyo: Hell yeah!

Page 53
Announcer: The tide has turned. The fist timer with one round has defeated the champion!!! The fight ended so fast that I couldn’t tell what happen!!
Goku: Yey!

Page 54
Sanzo: How dull
Gojyo: Man he’s so weak. If I had fought with him I sure would of won.
Hakkai; Surprisingly that was fast.
Gojyo What are we going to do? He bet him.
Sanzo: There isn’t a reason we should continue.
Hakkai: Since we entered why don’t we continued till the end. If we win we get 300 million yen and a luxurious prize.
Gojyo: If someone from out group wins. That might not be a bad advantage.
Goku: Yeah and if someone wins we can split the money.
Sanzo: If we’re going to do it then hurry up and do it.

Page 56
Announcer: I can’t believe how strong they are. Even they look weak their so strong....No no. The skinny group is beating their opponents one by one.. It’s like their taking candy from a baby.
Gojyo: Heh. Don’t underestimate people who actually fighting experience and trying to keep alive.

Page 57:

Announcer: The way things are going we can’t tell who’s going to win. Now we’re going to the next stage. We’re going to the next stage the Semi-finals!!!!
Sanzo Just one of us wins right?
Gojyo: That’s if one of us is left. 

OOC: If you're looking for 39 innuendo...

I know our little Saru's rather fond of finding 39 implications, so I was wondering what you think of this one.

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D'you reckon the monkey's reaching for the monk's hand? Looks like it, doesn't it? This one's just as good as the ones you found. XD

RP Post: February 8, 2008

[Fanfic mode muahahahahahahahaha!]

Gojyo stood smoking and shivering freely outside of the tent he shared with Hakkai. Nobody actually remembered putting up tents, but obviously they had at some point--surely not without their share of double-entendres regarding tentpoles.

He allowed his mind to drift to those little things that he'd never admit to others that he thought about. For instance: What was the name of the ocean surrounding Pangea again? And is it true that gravity is the opposite of energy?

So if there wasn't any energy, everything would be stuck together, he mused in his mind. No, wait. I forgot about mass-energy equivalence. So, if there wasn't any gravity, there wouldn't be anything. Yeah. If you added it all together, the cosmos would have no energy or gravity...or woud it even be a cosmos then?

Head hurting a little from all the big concepts, the kappa stomped out his cigarette and retired to the tent. As he removed his coat and crawled back under the mess of blankets beside the peacefully snoozing Hakkai, he came upon a far simpler truth of the universe:

I hate camping, but I love this man.

[See you all this afternoon. <3]

OOC pulling out of active RPing

Terribly sorry I'm gunna have to pull out from active RPing here some irl stuff is going down here...

my family is in preperation for moving countries in the next month to a four depending... and I'm possibly going to be jumping to work on a cruise ship then moving myself to Albany NY in August area. So I have to go through all these visa process and get all my required working certs and god I'm so stressed.

I'll pop in here and there on my off days to RP but it's just a bit much right now I'm ending up with stress cramps... it was a serious bombshell that my mother confirmed to me this morning before work we have so much stuff to go over and sort through to keep and chuck and yadda yadda.

I pray for alot of off days to keep up with you guys

Take care and I'll see ya round on DA poking my head in on your journals and such....
Since we paused during scary stories. Let's continue! ^_^